Chippy's Trailer Downloader

Release Notes

Product: Chippy's Trailer Downloader
Release: V1.03
   Date: 7/20/13

CHANGED - Redesigned GUI (Pro Only)
CHANGED - Refresh button removed
CHANGED - Max movies set to 75
CHANGED - Trailer exists or unavailable warning now displays on progress bar
ADDED - GUI options menu
ADDED - Splash Screen while gathering images (Pro Only)
ADDED - Program will restart after options edit
ADDED - Option to visit movie page by clicking on image (Pro Only)
ADDED - Right click menu in free version with GET and MOVIE PAGE
ADDED - Option to append to filenames (e.g: (Pro Only)
ADDED - Purge Warning will display if save directory is changed
CHANGED - Program now exits after download all
FIXED - Issue causing 'GetAll' to fail when window is hidden
FIXED - GUI would freeze during download

Product: Chippy's Trailer Downloader
Release: V1.02
   Date: 7/3/13

CHANGED - Max number of movies set to 150
CHANGED - Pages_to_read changed to Movies_to_read to allow for finer control
ADDED - Included MP4 files to support clips
ADDED - option to include clips
ADDED - Option to autodelete old trailers

Product: Chippy's Trailer Downloader
Release: V1.01
   Date: 5/7/13

ADDED - Minimize to tray
ADDED - Option to start Minimized added to INI
ADDED - Command Line Option -h, will start hidden in System Tray
ADDED - Command Line option -getall will execute a download all like in GUI
ADDED - Save directory will now be created if it does not exist
CHANGED - Tray popup menu option now includes restore
CHANGED - Double Click tray icon will restore
CHANGED - Title size
FIXED - Issue where staus labels would not update if window was not in focus
CHANGED - MainURL need not be configurable
FIXED - rare cases, files would be left behind from list build
FIXED - Issue causing download to skip if Save directory does not exist

Product: Chippy's Trailer Downloader
Release: V1.0
   Date: 5/5/13

- Released