This software is designed for ease of use.  A simple, yet functional graphical interface makes this program easy to operate while still maintaining functionality.






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Chippy's Trailer Downloader uses as its source for new content.  This application is geared toward movie, media, and home theater enthusiasts, and is provided free of charge for everyone.

The free version is a slimmed down, simple interface that is still fully functional, but lacks some of the more advanced features such as cover art, filename appending, and movie exclusion. 

The free version is still being actively developed and maintained.  Users are encouraged to donate to the project and take advantage of the more advanced features of pro.

Chippy's Trailer Downloader

Just because a program is easy does not mean it shouldn't have options.  With a graphical options menu, there is no more editing complicated INI files.  Options are being added with every release.  Enjoy!

No need to worry about dependencies.  Chippy's Trailer Downloader is a standalone application that only requires an internet connection to run.  No complicated setup, and no installs.

This application was designed with media enthusiasts in mind. Every week, new feature requests and enhancements pour in.  Every effort is made to implement the requests which pose the most benefit

How far have you gone to emulate the Movie Theater Experience?  Surround sound?  Theater Seating?  Popcorn Machine?  What if you could screen movie trailers in the comfort of your own home, just as if you were in the movie theater?  Well now you can!

Chippy's Trailer Downloader is designed to be used in conjunction with any major Home Theater Front End such as Mymovies, XBMC, and more. 

The Pro version has an expanded GUI that displays cover art, allowing a user to instantly decide on which trailers to preview first.  For a more automated approach, schedule it to run periodically with -h (hidden) and -Getall (download all) switches, for a constant stream of the latest available movie trailers downloaded directly to your PC.

With a feature list that continues to grow almost daily, Pro also gives users an option for appending file names, excluding trailers you do not like, and more.

Pro is provided to anyone who has donated at least 5 dollars to the project.

Have a feature you want to see?  Contact us to request it

Free Version


Pro Version